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Myrtle Beach recording studio opens hopes to take music scene to the next level

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Music in Myrtle Beach is about to make a major breakthrough, says a local songwriter working with a brand new recording studio. Arcadia Studios opens its doors to Seaboard Street and offers high-tech resources to accommodate a wide range of art projects. “We wanted to offer something more to the […]

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Lil Peep’s mother claims her record company refuses to pay $ 4 million owed to her estate

Photo by Scott Dudelson / Getty Images The ongoing legal battle between Lil Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, and her son’s label continues. Rolling stone Womack reports that the late rapper’s record label, First Access Entertainment, is claiming to pay $ 4 million that is owed to his estate. Meanwhile, the label alleges that Peep’s mother […]

Recording studio

Win a Focusrite Home Recording Studio with ‘Freakscene – The Story Of Dinosaur Jr’

Dinosaur Jr is often cited as one of the most influential bands in American rock history. You can trace their impact on such legendary bands as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine, as well as the slacker and grunge movements as a whole. A new documentary film, Freakscene – The Story of Dinosaur Jr, […]

Recording studio

Oh Europa motorhome recording studio stops in Bristol this weekend

Bristol-based artists have recorded over 1,000 love songs in 46 languages ​​during their trips to an RV studio. Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse traveled over 50,000 km across Europe in the mobile studio as part of their Oh Europa project, recording tracks sung by strangers they met along the way. The duo called Action Hero […]