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All-in-one music studio opens in Salem

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) – The start of the pandemic was the day the local music scene passed away, but the co-owners of Aberrant music bring it back, and they crank up the volume providing everything musicians need to get on stage.

The new concert hall and studio will be a one-stop-shop for musicians to record, perform and distribute their work.

“I am so excited that we are able to offer this to musicians in the area at an affordable price,” says co-owner and producer Bryan Poff. “There’s a big underground music scene here, especially for local artists, and they haven’t really had a place to play.”

Longtime music industry professional Poff and his co-owners John Atkins, Zach Emerson and Jess Johnson launched the studio three months ago, already signing two artists to their label.

“Roanoke, Salem, surrounding area, I think that’s something we really needed, especially after last year,” says Atkins, the band’s production coordinator and street crew chief.

Beyond the recording sessions, their in-house concert hall and connections to local radio stations help deliver high-quality music.

“It doesn’t look like you saved in your basement; you’re launching a professional product that people want to hear, ”says Emerson, director of A&R, Aberration Music. “We have the ability to stream your music to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Youtube, TikTok, so your music is available on the Internet for everyone to hear and for you to be exposed.”

Behind the scenes, the group has a full merchandise factory, run by Johnston, creating custom t-shirts and album covers.

“We can make your t-shirts, stickers, flyers, name it, we can do it here,” Johnston said.

Space isn’t just for superstars. The group says they work with artists of all genres and skill levels.

“Anyone can come and book the room, anyone can book the recording studio,” Poff explains. “We also have studio lessons for kids who are just learning to do it, for adults who create their own rhythms. “

Aberration Music hopes to open in June, reserving local and regional numbers.

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