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ANNIHILATOR frontman JEFF WATERS reviews the World On Fire album recording with vocalist AARON RANDALL – “I Salute Aaron; We Put Him Through A Polite Canadian Hell In The Studio”

Annihilator frontman / founder Jeff Waters recently answered a question from a fan on Facebook regarding the band’s Set The World On Fire album and the singer on that record, Aaron Randall. Check out the exchange below.

Question: Can you tell us the story of Aaron Randall’s brief stint in the band? I read somewhere that a mic issue while recording Set The World On Fire left the vocals as if Aaron had a lisp when in fact he wasn’t. Why didn’t you continue with him for King Of the Kill?

Waters: Aaron rocked. We were in the studio in 1992-1993 with Aaron on what would be the Set The World On Fire album. Basically we tried about eight different mics to see which one matched his vocals. inexperienced but awesome! The cost of renting the mics we rented was A LOT of money, so after the manager heard me say “none of those seven mics seem to work” he rented the most expensive one and went says “Use it; your last.” We did, but didn’t realize that there was some sort of hidden drop in frequency, or that the mic itself might have been damaged, but we couldn’t hear Aaron’s letter “S” or “T”., you have to say and almost spit out these letters, whenever they appear in the lyrics … “which has always been hahaha! So what you get is poor Aaron literally spitting into the mic and trying to focus on SSSSS and DTCS … not feel and notes and stuff.

When mixing in Little Mountain Sound we literally had to crank up the frequencies like crazy. Huge amounts, just to hear them. I greet Aaron; we put her through a polite, canadian hell about it in the studio. He is actually a badass singer. He was able, a few years later, to clone Seb Bach and Layne Staley. I can’t wait to have him on tour or in concert soon!

After this CD, which sold very well, we were actually abandoned. That was the year most labels dropped ALL of the bands that belonged to that 80s metal category. The Seattle sound came in, then metal changed course. We didn’t want to change things so we left Roadrunner / Epic and were very lucky that Music For Nations in the UK and a Japanese killer label caught us for the King Of The Kill record and a few after that. At least outside of North America, KOTK was huge for us, but I couldn’t have brought Aaron with us on this record / cycle. I felt I needed someone with more experience. I couldn’t find this person so I took it upon myself and was totally shocked when our CD KOTK hit # 2 in Japan, just beaten by Bon Jovi hahahaha! “

Randall resurfaced with Wreck-Defy, also starring guitarist Matt Hanchuck, former Testament bassist Greg Christian and former Malevolent Creation drummer Alex Marquez. They recently released the official lyrics video for the new single “Scumlord” from the album Powers That Be.

Powers That Be is now available at all digital retailers and suppliers. Also available on CD via Punishment 18 Records and vinyl via Doc Gator.

List of tracks:

“Beyond H8”
“Powers in place”
“Drowning in darkness”
“Space sea urchin”
“Speech without freedom”
“Goodbye to misery”
“I am the wolf”
“On another side”

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