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Artists and friends open Troy’s recording studio

Ray Sheppard, Brandon Perkins and Tony Ramirez are artists, best friends and business partners. Each of them has been making music and rap since they were around 12 years old.

“It’s just a blessing every day to wake up and know you’re with people with the same mindset, the same ambitions, the same love for everything you do,” Ramirez said.

They started collaborating six years ago and formed their group “UNTOUCHED Live”.

“Since then, we’ve spent five, six nights together in the studio, traveling everywhere to do shows, we’ve had the advantage of being able to open for artists like Ja Rule, Cam’ron, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Chris Rivers… we’re fully invested in this stuff to the point where we got to the point where we said, ‘hey, we should just own the studio,’ Sheppard said.

What would you like to know

  • Artists Ray Sheppard, Brandon Perkoins and Tony Ramirez are friends and business partners of the music industry
  • They have performed for artists like Ja Rule and Cam’Ron, and now run their own recording studio.
  • Untouched Studios works regularly with fifteen artists

The trio opened Untouched Studios in Troy last year. The first few months were tough during the pandemic, but now they have around 15 regular artists recording there.

Untouched is a diverse group, which they believe strengthens their business and improves their music.

“We are a mixed bag. We all come from different backgrounds, different backgrounds and different neighborhoods. I am from Long Island. Tony was born in Brooklyn. Ray was born in Michigan. We all meet in this place of ‘518’ and decide to start a business together here. I just think it’s fascinating in itself, ”Perkins said.

During a year filled with pain and challenges, they have dedicated themselves to their art again and again.

“I think what we do is important. There is a lot going on in this world, and in the darkest times, music can bring light to it. We want to be that light, ”Perkins said.

Untouched Studios has improved sanitation after each session and is limiting the number of people in the space at any time due to COVID-19. If you’re interested in their music – or want to record with them – you can find them on social media (like twitter) and streaming services.

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