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“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Achieves Record-breaking Brand Association in India

“Avengers: Age of Ultron”, the eleventh film in the Avengers franchise, will be released on more than 1,500 screens.

As Indian fans eagerly await the release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” on Friday, a week before its hitting screens in the United States, Marvel has collaborated with 50 brands in various categories – considered the highest association of brands for all movies in India. – to take the theatrical experience a step further.

This is an effort to give fans the opportunity to own Marvel Super Heroes – The Avengers merchandise.

Disney India’s Consumer Products business has partnered with brands in categories such as clothing, accessories, toys, home and more to bring Marvel Super Hero action to life.

Some of the brands include Amazon, Myntra, Funskool, Liberty, Hero Cycles, Pantaloons, Tupperware, Kinder Joy, Hamleys, and Landmark.

Abhishek Maheshwari, vice president and head of consumer products, Disney India, told IANS: “After the success of the first film – Marvel’s The Avengers, the popularity of the franchise has grown exponentially in the country among children. and adults.

“At Disney, we have visibility of our Marvel films until 2019 and it is this long-term vision that our partners value, which translates into deeply rooted associations. Given the anticipation around “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” brands are seeing a lot of demand around Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor branded products.

“This year we have over 50 brands on board for Avengers, which is by far the highest for any Hollywood or Bollywood film in the country.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s big budget project “Ra.One” was last heavily promoted with over 25 links in a myriad of categories.

As for “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” they have on board, which has created a special Avengers Store, a one-stop-shop for all products inspired by the Avengers Super Heroes. The products listed will cover all ages and categories: toys, consumer electronics, clothing, accessories, fashion, stationery, publishing, home and DVD.

Then there’s also for a line of Avengers-branded adult clothing; Liberty, which offers a range of 50 models of children’s shoes; Kinder Joy, which introduced a limited edition of surprise toys; Mountain Dew, which offers Avengers branded packs; Subway, featuring two limited-time submarines titled “Earth’s Mightiest Submarines”; Hamleys, for a special promotion in six cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad; and more.

Marvel’s “The Avengers” premiered to the world in 2012 on the big screen. Now, with the sequel, the Studio is set to generalize the release nationwide, releasing it on double screens as “The Avengers” in 2012.

“Avengers: Age of Ultron”, the eleventh film in the Avengers franchise, will be released on more than 1,500 screens.

With the film’s promising high-impact action, there is also a huge demand for a regional dubbed version and fans will be able to enjoy the film in multiple languages ​​- English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Previous franchise titles were “Iron Man”, “Iron Man 2”, “Iron Man 3”, “Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “The Avengers”, “Thor” , “Thor: The Dark World”, “Hulk” and “The Incredible Hulk”.

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