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Blastoyz launches a new label WELVRAVE


Israeli trance artist Psy Blastoyz (Kobi Nigreker) started his own label called WELCOME. The label was advertised worldwide via its Instagram page. The first release on the new footprint will be one of Blastoyz’s own collaborations with Omiki called ‘Bali‘. The label will be distributed by Create a music group who are known to work with other major artists in the industry like Marshmello.

Over the past 8 years, Blastoyz has toured around the world, performing at major festivals like Earth of tomorrow, A state of trance, Fields of cream, Ultra, EDC, Dream state, Sziget, and Transmission His music has received millions of streams worldwide and his single with Seven Lions & Fiora entitled ‘Night fallen‘was featured on a Netflix series. After all these achievements, Blastoyz has finally crossed the 2020 milestone DJMag Top 100 DJs, ranked 97th.

Subsequently, during the Covids shutdowns, Blastoyz had the idea to open his own label brand called “WELVRAVE”. After a full year of extra time and 24/7 studio dedication, Blastoyz is finally ready to release a slew of huge self-produced records on this exciting new label.

The name of the label WELVRAVE comes from the lyrics of a track by Blastoyz called ‘We love Rave‘which was released in 2015. This track was a milestone in Blastoyz’s career and led to worldwide recognition with a spotlight on many big stages.

“I had a concept in mind for a long time, and I thought it could be amazing to put it together in a brand of my own, a label where I could publish my art and also for other talented artists. Over the past few years, many producers have told me that they were inspired by my signature sound and groovy basslines, they took this style to some really great places. ‘WELVRAVE’ will be a home for artists with different and unique styles. A place where a new generation of producers – recognized and ascending – can showcase their talents to the world and create opportunities to find their way into the industry. Now is just the right time to do it.

Kobi Nigreker aka Blastoyz

Launch of the WELVRAVE records with the release of Blastoyz & Omiki new track ‘Bali” September 17e 2021. Blastoyz and Omiki have known each other for many years with multiple shared performances. With plenty of time together at home living close to each other, they decided to create a joint track in 2021. Blastoyz performed it in a few shows in Australia, Creamfields UK, Positiv Festival France, ‘Heartbeat Festival ‘Poland, in a few shows in Israel. Omiki played it at Elektric Park France and also in Israel. They even had the chance to perform it together on stage in Germany in front of 15,000 people at the Indian Spirit Festival.

We can’t wait to see what comes next on WELVRAVE! Make sure to check out the new ‘Bali’ version everywhere now!


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