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CEO Aloki Batra talks about the label and more

FIVE hotels and resorts: Aloki Batra [Interview]

Not your average CEO, FIVE hotels and resorts‘s Aloki batra is the face behind the successful lifestyle destination, and now the record label, FIVE Music. He recently created the FIVE Music label in order to further fuel the brand as a forward-thinking music initiative, this is the center of everything he does with the brand now. We wanted to know more about the brand and the label, so we sat down with him for a chat.

Congratulations on the launch of FIVE Music! With this new label and brand expansion, how do you think it will benefit the entire FIVE brand as it grows?

“At the end of the day, music is a big part of our history. We have a lot of places with music focused entertainment and investing in the music business it gives us a good forecast of future trends and also gives us a good idea of ​​the next trend. The first is to grab the next trend and be in a space where trends are created, but at the same time, when you make it a business, you start to take it more seriously.

Why did you decide to create the label? What is the idea behind this and what inspired and pushed you to go in this direction?

“A lot of music is elite, and a lot of producers are sitting in their studios and making music. We meet a lot of them, they come here and a lot of them play here and we thought that was a good idea. There is no place where they can really test the music that they produce, so we thought it would be a good idea for us to get into the game and start testing the music on our audience and see what works and what doesn’t, and we think that we’re in a good position to really define what the next big musical hits are.