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CEO Pryme’s EZ Streets label tied to partnership deal with Roc Nation

The Roc Nation insider also added that Roc Nation is currently in talks with EZ Streets founder and team CEO Pryme to enable the collaboration.

EZ Streets Records’ mission is to invest in musical talent and give them the freedom to be more creative.

The EZ Streets boss, who has previously invested in land for creative installations and other properties, has also partnered with the 69 Club and recently spent thousands to support victims of the East Legon fire .

The label is owned by US-based Ghanaian businessman George Graham, also known as CEO Pryme, and was established in 2021 in America to help young Ghanaian musical talents who want the freedom to be creative.

Mr. Pryme said: “EZ Street Records drew on his experiences as a musician signed to one of Atlantic Music’s subdivision labels, where he also worked as an intern responsible for brand management, etc..”

He used to sing and was even signed to an affiliate of Atlantic Music Records. He made EPs, mixtapes and even had songs with French Montana, Gucci Mane, etc.

EZ Street is headquartered in the United States and Ghana. The label is preparing to become the world leader in musical entertainment.

EZ Street Records is currently looking forward to recruiting more Ghanaian musical talents who want to take their music globally.