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Chase Rice turns Tennessee home into recording studio to prepare for next album

by Tiffany Goldstein

11h ago

When the global health crisis brought live music to an abrupt halt, Chase Rice took the opportunity to slow down as a blessing in disguise and returned to his farm outside Nashville.

The unexpected break gave the multi-platinum entertainer time to reflect, the chance to rekindle relationships, and the opportunity to focus on his artistry in a way he never had before. Therefore, the hitmaker turned his Tennessee home into a recording studio to develop his next one-of-a-kind album.

“For the first time that I can remember since arriving in Tennessee, I was just living,” he previously shared in a statement. “My home has been the road for so long – and I love it – but I hadn’t realized how lucky I was to spend time with old friends, make new friends and live in the moment. I missed this present.”

While appreciating life’s little moments, the “Ride” singer was overwhelmed with a wave of inspiration. Nestled in the middle of rural America – Rice put pen to paper and began independently drawing from real-life experiences.

“I had started writing songs at home with just me and a guitar whenever inspiration struck; instead of heading downtown and trying to pitch something in a scheduled writing session,” the chart-topping artist said. “I realized that bringing the writing room into my real life – my farm, my duck camp, a vacation with my friends – whatever that sounded like, made for really great songs. So when we started talking about going into the studio – what it should look and feel like – I realized we already had the answer. It should feel like home.

The award-winning musician brought his vision to life and created a makeshift studio in his living room without hesitation. The aesthetic space includes a vintage upright piano, drums, guitars, keyboards and a high-end microphone.

However, his creative corner lacks vital recording tools, leaving him to experiment with his sound. With the help of highly respected producer Oscar Charles, the two recorded original material without any click tracks or pre-programmed music beds.

“It was an amazing experience,” Rice shared as she reflected on the writing and recording process. “We camped there for weeks, usually for more than 12 hours a day not even realizing that time flies because everyone is in such a creative rhythm. It’s definitely the most excited I’ve ever had to make music, so I can’t wait to share this new sound with the fans.

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The North Carolina native composed his current single “If I Were Rock & Roll” amid the pandemic. The vulnerable ballad serves as Rice’s first major release which he wrote entirely independently and with critically acclaimed producer Jay Joyce.

“If I Were Rock & Roll” follows the #1 single “Drinkin’ Beer.” God speaks. Amen” with Florida Georgia Line from his 2021 project, “The Album”.

“The night I wrote this song, I decided to take a break from social media, so instead of scrolling aimlessly like most nights, I put Bruce Springsteen’s documentary Letter to You on TV in my living room His song “If I Were the Priest” stuck with me and made me think about my own relationship with Jesus and all the things I love in life; Country music, NASCAR, my friends and family,” Rice shared with multiple outlets. “I picked up a guitar and wrote ‘If I Were Rock & Roll’ alone then. No tracks and no co-writers meant I had no choice but to focus on the lyrics and lean into what’s real to me,” he concluded.

The raw ballad is available everywhere and teases Rice’s upcoming album. The country crooner told fans on social media that the highly anticipated collection should be “the most real album” he has ever generated. The LP does not have a fixed release date.