Let’s find out how the Compass MiniCredit 2019 works , with all the details of the loan offer useful for all those looking for small personal loans up to 1500 euros. Let’s see how to receive a free quote and what the requirements are for accessing the desired amount, in addition to customer opinions.

Compass MiniCredit 2019: amount may be requested, repayment installments and rates

Compass MiniCredit 2019: amount may be requested, repayment installments and rates


On this page we will deal with the MiniCredito Compass , which is the product aimed at all those who are looking for a not particularly high amount of money. This is a very common situation, as it can always be convenient to face an expense using the payment in installments. Also among the advantages of the small Compass loan is that of being particularly fast, indeed even immediate given that we will be able to use the financing money at any time we need it. The amount that can be requested through the MiniCredito Compass reaches a maximum of 1500 euros , which we can use to cover any type of expense, without having to justify it when requesting our financing. As for the monthly repayment installments and the interest rates applied, these will depend in particular on the amount we will request and the repayment plan we will choose.

The MiniCredito Compass represents a particular type of financing, so it is good to analyze its features in detail. It is in fact a personal loan in all respects, but that is not required as the classic loans of this type. In particular we can say that the small loan offered by Compass for this 2019 is a credit line . What does it mean? This is a reserve of money that the bank can make available to its client. So with Compass we have the possibility to activate this money reserve of 1500 euros , which will be available to us once activated. It is worth noting, however, that, unlike what happens with classic personal loans and similar products, in this case, at the time of accepting our request, we do not pay € 1500 to our current account.

To have the money we need available, we will simply have to pay off the amount we need in our current account . This amount may be equal to 1500 euros but also below this threshold, and the extremely positive aspect is that this accreditation will be immediate and available as soon as we need it . Only at this time will the repayment plan be defined with rather light installments and fixed interest rates Tan and Taeg . Once the desired amount of money has been paid into our current account, we will begin to pay the installments starting from the following month. In the event that the amount used is less than the total, we will be able to obtain the remaining amount at a later date. Furthermore, at the end of the refund the plafond at our disposal will be regenerated , and we will be able to request up to 1500 euros again via the MiniCredito Compass.

Small personal loans Compass up to 1500 euros: requirements required


Small personal loans Compass up to 1500 euros: requirements required


If you are interested in receiving a small personal Compass loan , as always a very important aspect to consider before proceeding with the loan application is that of the necessary requirements to be able to obtain the desired amount. It is good to know beforehand the guarantees we need for the Compass MiniCredit also to avoid going to the branch without all the necessary documents : in this case we will lengthen waiting times unnecessarily because we will have to go back to the branch to bring the missing documents. So what are the requirements for small personal loans offered by Compass for 2019? First of all it is good to specify that it is a form of financing aimed exclusively at the company’s customers . In case you are not there yet there is no problem, as you can easily open a Compass current account on which to activate the credit opening and then pay the money we need.


The requirements are in many ways similar to those required to access any personal loan. The main difference is that in this case the amount we are going to request will be quite low , and therefore the risk that the financial risk will run will also be lower compared to a higher loan. Consequently one of the advantages of the MiniCredito Compass is to be aimed at a rather large clientele , given that the requisites required will not be particularly restrictive. The only guarantee that we will be required to be able to access the small personal loan we need will be an income document. As always, those who do not have any problems are employees and pensioners , who will simply have to present the pay slip or pension slip in the branch. In this case even those who in the past have had problems with other loans and are protested or bad payers will be able to access the MiniCredito Compass.

In the case of self-employed workers it is usually slightly more difficult to access any type of financing. However, as regards the Compass MiniCredit, there will be no particular problems as the only income tax document required will be the tax return . Considering that the amount we are going to request is quite low and that the installment will be decidedly light, particularly high incomes are not necessary in this case . Consequently we can say that from the point of view of the requisites required the small personal loan Compass represents an excellent solution even for those who had problems in receiving other types of financing.

How to request a quote and how to activate the Compass Mini Credit


Before proceeding with the request of the MiniCredito Compass as always it is useful to get an idea of ​​the expense that will be faced. For this reason our advice is to always request a quote with a calculation of the installment and the interest rates that will be applied. On the Compass website we have the possibility of using an online simulator that allows us to calculate a quote for personal loans offered by the company. The problem with this software is that it does not allow us to enter an amount of money less than 3000 euros as the amount to be requested. Consequently for the MiniCredit Compass we cannot use the online quote calculation service. Does this mean that we have no way of knowing the conditions of our loan before proceeding with the request? Absolutely not!

To calculate your detailed estimate what you will have to do is simply go to one of the Compass branches located throughout Italy. If you don’t know where the office nearest your home is, you have a very useful search service available on the Comapss website. Thanks to this service you will have the possibility to make an appointment online by deciding the date and time you prefer among those available. All you have to do is enter the name of your city or post code in the space provided. In this way you will immediately be returned the list of the most comfortable Compass branches for you , of which the address and the opening times to the public are reported. At this point you just need to click on the branch you prefer, select the day and time and fill in the form with your details to fix the appointment.

Afterwards you will receive an email confirming the appointment and in this way you will also avoid having to queue . On the day of the appointment you will therefore have a meeting with one of the Compass consultants to whom you will present your request for Mini Credit to know the installment that will be proposed and the interest rates that will be applied based on the repayment plan you prefer. Once you receive the quote you can decide to think about it a few days or, if the conditions are satisfactory for you, you can proceed immediately with the activation of the MiniCredito Compass. As we have already said, in this case you will be activated a credit opening of 1500 euros . When you need your small loan, you can simply withdraw the amount you need just as if that money were already in your account, and from the month following that in which you made the withdrawal you will begin to pay the repayment installments according to the conditions set at the time of the request.

To get an idea of ​​the economic conditions of the MiniCredito Compass we can consider the example of a quote that we find on the company’s website. The amount considered is equal to 1500 euros, which is the maximum sum that can be requested. The annual Tan interest rate applied is 16.00% , while the maximum Taeg will be 23.30% . The cost for opening credit is only 20 euros a year , for a very useful service. The monthly repayment installment will be only 50 euros or 100 euros based on the repayment plan you choose. In any case it is worth noting that it is always possible to carry out the early repayment of the residual debt, without any cost or penalty.

MiniCredito Compass: customers’ opinions on the main forums

MiniCredito Compass: customers

To conclude our analysis of the MiniCredito Compass let’s see what are the opinions of the customers that before us have chosen this product. We have carried out a search on the main sector forums, and what has emerged is that most users recommend the small personal loan offered by Compass for 2019 . Let’s see what are the points that are most emphasized in positive opinions, and which are the aspects that some users can improve.

The main reason why customers recommend MiniCredito Compass in online opinions is certainly the speed of delivery . Compared to the other forms of financing found on the market, it is in fact very convenient to always have an amount up to 1500 euros available , which we can use whenever we want. This product is obviously not the only one that allows us to get the money we need through a credit line, but in positive opinions it is emphasized that compared to other similar products, the small Compass loan is probably the most convenient . The users of the forums do not all agree on this aspect, in fact according to some the interest rates applied would be a bit too high.

As we have repeated several times in our reviews, the loan conditions that will be offered to us depend mainly on the guarantees we are able to provide . For this reason it is easy to have conflicting opinions on this point. In any case, what we can say is that most of the opinions positively evaluate the MiniCredito Compass from the point of view of convenience . Finally, from the point of view of the professionalism of the Compass consultants and the availability for any need, practically all opinions agree on evaluating their experience with full marks .