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Creative Director Woody Shaw III Launches New Label and Media Company, Perfect Pitch, Respecting Family’s Revolutionary Legacy

NEW YORK, 23 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – After decades of industry experience, Creative Director and Producer Woody Shaw III now draws invaluable lessons from his illustrious experience in the international art world to launch his latest venture, Perfect location, a new media company, record label and creative production studio. The company specializes in the creation of original content, audiovisual production, publishing and distribution of music, and offers a variety of specialized digital and creative consulting services to a select clientele. The new outfit kicks off with a series of outings curated by historic musical artists as well as a series of productions for digital, physical and print media. Visit

Rooted in a rich tradition of artistic excellence, innovation and family entrepreneurship, Woody shaw iii has managed to set itself apart by remaining steadfast amid the many changing tides of the American cultural landscape. Shaw has established himself as a multi-talented entrepreneur, curator and innovative thought leader with expertise in a wide range of creative and cultural fields. His story is as impressive as it is unique, defined by his role as provider of an esteemed musical tradition, and as one of the rising pioneers of his generation.

Woody shaw iii graduated from Columbia university with a master’s degree in arts administration, a bachelor’s degree in ethnomusicology from Hobart College, and a BFA in Music from New school university. He holds certifications in finance and intellectual property law from Columbia university and New York University and is a recipient of the Hutchins scholarship from the WEB Du Bois Institute at Harvard University. His work as a longtime curator, producer, spokesperson and authority on the artistic heritage of his ancestors (through music widely known as “Jazz”) has set a new example of what and can be a visionary entrepreneur and creative professional.

Born and raised in New York City, Woody Louis Armstrong Shaw III was named after his father, the innovator of the jazz trumpet Woody Shaw Jr. (1944-1989) and for the world musical icon and the luminary of the jazz trumpet Louis armstrong. Woody III is the son of former music director, executive producer and award-winning author, Maxine Gordon, and is the stepson and executive director of the iconic tenor saxophonist and Oscar nominated actor legacy Dexter Gordon (1923-1990).

Woody III has worked in almost every facet of the creative industry – in licensing, publishing, branding, production, design, law, performance, digital media and as as a gifted musician, published writer and multidisciplinary creator. He learned his craft through the many logistical challenges and creative lessons faced by artists, entrepreneurs and industry elite professionals, as well as through the preservation of his family’s esteemed musical heritage. .

The first project to come out on Perfect location, entitled Woody shaw: Awakening, includes a limited edition 7-CD collection of classic 1970s recordings by the late musical genius, trumpeter and innovator Woody Shaw Jr. (father of Woody III). The project is a retrospective on the contribution of musicians to the struggle for social justice and artistic equality in the 1970s and a dedication to artists concerned with the state of the world today. He is meant to be a light of hope and a sound of strengthAs the acclaimed trumpeter himself put it. The release will focus on the curation, redesign and remastering of some of the trumpeter’s most notable recordings of the 1970s, as well as other merchandise. to be determined in 2022.

Perfect Pitch launch celebrates the life and legacy of the legendary trumpeter and composer Woody shaw (1944-1989), who would have been 77 on Christmas Eve 2021.


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