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Critical Role launches a new label and a new soundtrack


critical role started a whole new business as they have a new label which they call Scanlan Shorthalt Music. Expanding their ever-growing nerdy empire, it looks like it will be an outlet for their own releases as well as other artists to find a nerdy home for epic music. The label’s debut album will, of course, be tied to the show because you get Welcome to Tal’Dorei. A 17-track album with music inspired by different campaigns. You can read more, including a quote from the company, below as the album is out today.

Credit: Scanlan Shorthalt Music

“The album is meant to be an audio journey through Tal’Dorei, capturing the peaks and valleys of adventure,” said Maxwell James. “Working with all of these amazing composers was surreal. They knew exactly what we were looking for and their music brought so much depth and beauty to our world. We hope Welcome to Tal’Dorei inspires others to tell their own stories and answer the call of adventure.”

Directed by Critical Role Creative Director Marisha Ray and lead producer Maxwell James, this comprehensive soundtrack features 17 original tracks inspired by Exandria’s Tal’Dorei continent as featured in the critical role campaigns. The 17 tracks of the album were composed by Colm McGuiness, Omar Fadeland the Hexany Audio team and include:

  • “Welcome to Tal’Dorei” Colm McGuinness
  • “The adventure begins…” Colm McGuinness
  • “Tea with the Pansophic” Sterling Maffe (Hexany Audio)
  • “1000 Steps” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  • “Entering Zephrah” Robert Wolf (Hexany Audio)
  • “Crystalfen Caverns” Robert Wolf (Hexany Audio)
  • “Deathwalker’s Ward” Sterling Maffe (Hexany Audio)
  • “The Hunt for Grays” Omar Fadel
  • “King of Ashes” Omar Fadel
  • “Illusive Bonds” Sterling Maffe (Hexany Audio)
  • “The Nymph’s Heart” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  • “Umbra Hills” Robert Wolf (HexanyAudio)
  • “The Killer’s Grip” Omar Fadel
  • “The Basins of Wittebak” Omar Fadel
  • “Fields of Joy” Omar Fadel
  • “Whisperer” Steven Grove (Hexany Audio)
  • “The Champion’s Farewell” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
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