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DEA and Dallas Police raid popular Dallas recording studio

KFI studios and 8 other locations were raided by the DEA and Dallas police on Thursday morning. They say it’s part of a full-scale narcotics investigation.

DALLAS — The DEA has raided a popular recording studio, KFI Studios, on Ross Avenue near downtown Dallas, which brings in some of the country’s most popular rappers.

“A lot of local rappers, a lot of famous rappers from other states. We bonded with different people here, Dino West, Producer.

It took some in the industry by surprise.

“It’s mind-boggling. I don’t even know,” West said.

We watched as they pulled over cars and arrested several people.

Sources tell the WFAA it was a lengthy investigation that lasted for months.

At least nine locations were raided across Dallas.

Sources claim to have confiscated guns and drugs from various locations.

Federal authorities only confirmed that there had been an operation, but did not provide any details.

We caught up with Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia, who also didn’t elaborate, but said every time you pull drugs off the street, it helps reduce violent crime in the city. town.

“We have a problem selling drugs in our town. Unfortunately, these people are often involved with guns when selling drugs,” Garcia said.

Garcia says the focus on drugs, guns and gangs in violent Dallas neighborhoods has helped lower the violent crime rate. Statistics provided from June to August, which are traditionally the most violent months of the year, show that violent crime has fallen by almost 7%.

“We’re coming out of here with probably one of the safest summers. One life is too much to lose, but it’s one of the safest summers we’ve had in years,” said Garcia.

One of the owners of KFI Studios, Nikko, told the WFAA that those involved were customers and tenants of the building and did not implicate the owners.

“No KFI management or owners have been involved in illegal activities,” he said. “None of us have been arrested or investigated.”

Those arrested will be in federal court Friday morning for their first appearances. Sources say the indictments will be released detailing a large-scale narcotics operation.