Recording studio

Del City Recording Studio sits at the heart of the music and film industry

Hidden in the heart of Del City are Castle Row Recording Studios, and while many Oklahomans might not know this place, the world has definitely taken notice.

“The studio itself, I think we’ve been around for almost seven years, maybe seven years now,” said CAJ, local artist and producer at Castle Row Studios.

What was originally a cinema turned record store is now Castle Row Music Studio.

“It’s a music studio, but it’s more than just a music studio, it’s also a movie post house,” CAJ said.

With a huge cinema screen and a soundstage large enough for a full orchestra, the film industry also benefits from the studio.

“We play the scenes from the film on our large projection screen. And we’ll play the stage and let the composer watch the stage as he composes the orchestra, CAJ said.

Some fairly well-known recording artists have also used the studio.

“We had Lil Wayne in the building, I think he rented the place out for like four days or something. We’ve had a Blake Shelton record here before, and then we’ve had guys like Lil Baby, Run the Jewels, Slump God come here,” CAJ said.

Artists get a sound from the studio that becomes hard to find.

“This is the SSL nine thousand J series. It’s the only one within a three-state radius,” the CAJ said.

The studio is also in the process of restoring a legendary soundboard.

“Legends like James Brown and Whitney Houston both sang through it. So it’s just another cool piece of history in the building you love, wow,” CAJ said.

Three studios, some of the best producers in the country and the best equipment.

“You need top-notch recording, the best in the business you come to Castle Row Studios,” CAJ said.

Even with major artists and the film industry flocking to Castle Row, CAJ says there will always be a place for local artists looking to break into the music industry.