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Drezo Launches New Label for Artists “Looking for a Home, But Have Nowhere to Fit In” –

Drezo announced his new label, Omens Records, and released his first song.

The track, titled “Villain”, is a collaboration with Dread MC and pays homage to Drezo’s dark and classic sound. An eerie bassline vibrates throughout the arrangement as Dread MC’s vocals blend effortlessly with the industrial elements of Drezo’s production, highlighted by a pumping midtempo drop.

Listen to “Villain” below.

Drezo has been quiet for the past few years, but he’s ready to make up for lost time with the launch of Omens Records.

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“I wanted to create a new footprint for the darker budding electronic artists who are looking for a home, but have nowhere to really fit in,” Drezo said. “I’ve observed that many labels these days are more into streaming than building the brands and profiles of their signers, and a lot of acts end up getting lost in the shuffle.

Drezo found a void in the age of digital music, saying labels aren’t growing artists and their brands the way they did before streaming became the mainstream. primary environment to listen to music. The goal of Omens Records, he said, is to develop artists like labels did decades ago.

“So my goal,” Drezo continued, “is to really nurture every act that I do, to help everyone’s brand and profile, and to grow with a family mentality like a lot of labels did before the streaming becomes the norm.”

Drezo tells us that fans can expect lots of new music from him, as well as a number of his favorite artists he’s discovered over the past two years.