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EchoStorms launch Galactica label with hard-hitting single “Emotions”

EchoStorms launch Galactica label with hard-hitting single “Emotions”: listen

Seeking to continue where they left off, the electronic dance music duo Echo Storms have just launched their brand new label Galactica, and if that’s not enough, they’ve blessed us all with a production masterpiece in the form of ‘emotions.’ Drawing inspiration from the ever so influential sound of the 90s, this latest track further indicates the duo’s undeniable talent for incorporating various genres while perfecting each of their tracks in the most unique way.

Having left their mark on the dance scene in 2021, the duo composed of Ben Locke and Katya Fadeeva have taken things a step further, as this time around they have chosen to reach the highest of heights through their productions, as well as their own musical imprint. Offering us the most inspiring and energetic tracks, “Emotions” hits on the spot, with the combination of modern tech house drums and garage synths and 90s trance arpeggios, elevating this track to another dimension.

A certified hit in our books, EchoStorms once again showed off their versatility when it comes to music production, while the addition of Fadeeva on vocals resulted in the most haunting sound(s). ) but still as addictive as we’ve seen to this very date. Meaningful in every possible way, “Emotions” will leave listeners wanting more, but at the same time, ensure they’ve embarked on the most captivating journey of all.

The perfect representation of what they set out to achieve, it’s no surprise that the likes of David Guetta, james hype, Alesso and Joel Corry are just a few from the dance scene who have fully supported the duo and their efforts so far. All set to take the industry by storm, we’re more than certain that EchoStorms will top the charts, with “Emotions” the first in a long line to achieve global success.

We’ll most certainly be keeping a close eye on all future EchoStorms releases, and staying fully informed of all the milestones that need to be taken, focusing on the newest label to watch, Galactica. More than worthy of all the success that awaits them, be sure to check out “Emotions” below, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of this latest production in the comments section. Enjoy!

Pre-record the track here. Released January 28.

Image credit: EchoStorms (press)