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Ellwood City native opens borough recording studio

ELLWOOD CITY – Since he was 15 or 16, Rick Fleischer has performed in different bands, and has regularly booked and toured. He grew up listening to 90s punk rock bands.

He currently plays drums for a Pittsburgh horror punk band Children of October, and plays drums on and off with a South Carolina band called Independence.

Fleischer said he always wanted to open his own recording studio.

Therefore, once the COVID-19 pandemic struck and his bands were unable to tour, he ultimately decided to open his own studio, to be another outlet for his music.

This studio, October Studios, officially opened in June in its hometown of Ellwood City on Early Street.

“I started doing live sound when I was in college and took audio lessons,” Fleischer said.

Fleischer added, “Just having been in bands over the years and having recorded in so many places, it seemed like the next logical step for what I’m doing. “

Ready to record anything

Fleischer said he was open to any recording in his studio.

This can range from a solo artist to a group of singers to a group.

Fleischer said the session can be performed acoustically or can be followed, mixed, mastered, etc. It can also record a solo song or a group of songs.

Artists can bring their own instruments or can use a variety of group instruments they have available for a session.

Fleischer said that there are a lot of “home studios” where people record from their homes.

However, in terms of professional studios in the area, the closest tend to be in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, or Sharon.

Therefore, Fleischer is hoping that artists and bands from Lawrence and Beaver counties will come to his studio.

He said he would record anyone of any genre, or any skill level, and any studio experience.

“I just want people to end up with the finished product they want,” Fleischer said.

He said he is able to make appointments mainly in the evenings and on weekends.

To book a consultation, please visit, call 724-824-3557 or email [email protected]

October studios are also available online at Sound cloud and Facebook.

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