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Five-part docuseries on Murder Inc. label slated for release this summer

#Roommates, Hollywood’s docuseries treatment continues and the next step is one of the most popular record labels of the early 2000s… Murder Inc, founded by Irv Gotti. It has just been confirmed that a multi-part docuseries is currently in the works about the rise, fall and hopeful redemption of Murder Inc., the label that gave us platinum artists such as Ja Rule and Ashanti.

@Billboard reports, BET is set to tell the story from legendary Hip Hop/R&B label Murder Inc., courtesy of a five-part docuseries described as telling “the untold story of the rise, sudden fall and redemption” of Murder Inc. Records and its founder Irv Gotti, who also acts as an executive producer of the docuseries. Slated to premiere this summer on the BET Network, it will feature exclusive archive footage and take viewers exclusively behind the scenes of the label’s history over the past 20 years.

Speaking about what fans can expect from the documentary, Irv Gotti said, “I have to start my label with Ja Rule by my side. My life has been filled with great lows, but I’m not ashamed of those lows. All of this helped make me the person I am today. With this documentary series, I plan to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Ja Rule also briefly touched on the history of the label: “Pain is love. We endured the pain so others could feel the love, he said.

Executive Vice President of Unscripted Programming for BET, Tiffany Lea Williams, thanked Gotti for allowing the network to tell the story of Murder Inc. “Music is in our DNA. We thank our long-time partner Irv Gotti and the many talented artists of the iconic label for trusting our brand to tell their personal and inspiring stories. We look forward to bringing viewers a gripping music documentary series that reveals how this label has consequently changed the music industry forever.

You’ll recall that after enjoying huge success, Murder Inc.’s problems expanded after the label was raided by federal agents in 2003. Ongoing feuds within the music industry and serious financial problems led to the label’s eventual decline. , starting in 2017, Gotti ushered in a new era for Murder Inc. that seems to have officially begun with this upcoming docuseries.

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