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Four Loko calls on Valentino Khan for Brand debut


Some couples seem too good (or weird) to be true. Pineapple and pizza? Questionable. Watermelon and mustard? Novel. Valentino khan and Four Loko? Spice.

In what could be one of the most unforeseen moves of the year for music, alcoholic beverage brand Four Loko will launch its own label. Their first impression is provided by Valentino Khan, the jack-of-all-trades EDM producer, with the song “Digest”. Joining him, Khan teamed up with Wifiserrement and YBN almighty jay to create a nighttime hip-hop atmosphere.

“Digest” is another example of Valentino Khan expanding his sound. Although he was a producer on a hip-hop classic like Major Lazer’s “Bubble Butt”, “Digest” sees Khan venturing into the SoundCloud-rap production style. In turn, Wifisfuneral and YBN Almighty Jay spit flex bars in cunning streams. Together, “Digest” is a sure-fire addition to any summer 2021 playlist.

This song serves as a springboard for several evenings. On the one hand, Valentino Khan dives head first into a sound that we don’t normally hear in his official releases. Although he produced tracks for artists like 2 Chainz and TI, that was before he became an EDM icon making filthy hits and tough house bops. It will be fascinating to see what Valentino Khan can do here and what other industrial links he can draw to future projects.

“Digest” also paves the way for Four Loko discs. What kind of record label do they want to be and what kind of artists and styles will they capitalize on? While we don’t have enough information to answer that, it will be an interesting year to see what other projects and collaborations this new footprint will produce.

Be sure to listen to Valentino Khan, Wifisfuneral and YBN Almighty Jay’s “Digest” now on Four Loko Records.


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