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G2 Esports unveils music expansion with record label and debut single

European esports organization G2 Esports expanded into the music industry releasing his debut single “Our Way”.

The power metal track will be released through the organization’s new label and will feature the founder and CEO Carlos ‘ocelot’ Rodriguez. According to the statement, Our Way is expected to be the first of “many songs” released by the organization in the coming years.

Image credit: G2 Esports

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The clip accompanies the launch of G2 Esports’ 2022 jersey which was created in partnership with a global sportswear brand Adidas. Along with the jersey, the apparel line also includes a full tracksuit and other branded apparel that will be available in the coming weeks.

Rodriguez spoke about the extension in a statement: “Epic Power Metal is my favorite genre. I don’t care about its commercialization. It comes from the heart like everything we do. 20G2 is our year.

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The expansion makes G2 the first esports organization to launch its own record label as it seeks to integrate into other entertainment industry verticals.

Alongside Rodriquez, the song also features the guitarist Jason Richardson, drummer Luke Holland and Finnish singer Noora Louhimo.

“We are the premier esports organization in the world, Rodriguez continued. “We are setting the stage to entertain everyone beyond competitive video games. This is the start of a crazy and fun race.

Esports Insider says: The esports industry regularly sees collaborations with music artists and record labels and as the two verticals continue to pollinate each other, it’s no surprise to see G2 Esports launch their own record label as another vertical for the organization. Depending on the success of G2 Music, it will be interesting to see if other organizations decide to follow suit.

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