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Golden State Warriors sign two artists to new record label

Currently vying for their spot in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors are no longer just a basketball organization. The Bob Myers-led NBA team recently took a giant leap into the music space, signing both a rising K-pop star and an Oakland-based hip-hop artist to the program’s brand new label. South Korean rapper BamBam will cement the Warriors’ label debut release with his new single, “Wheels Up,” which will hit streaming services soon. In addition to BamBam, the Dubs have signed Oakland rapper Mayzin to a multi-album deal, according to the team’s business manager David Kelly.

“We do storytelling, and it’s just another form of storytelling. It’s a new kind of content that we’re in a good position to create,” Kelly explained to the San Francisco Chronicle. In a modern entertainment industry driven by creative crossovers, the Warriors’ latest venture is undoubtedly in step with the times. Not only is Golden State a new force in the music industry, but the organization plans to partner with Mandalay Sports Media and Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Frank Chi to produce a number of new documentaries.

Stream BamBam’s latest Golden State-signed single, “Wheels Up,” ahead of its widespread release on YouTube below.

Featured Image: Mike Ehrmann

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