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Harmonize makes Kajala its label’s CEO after their reunion

Giving up is not Harmonize’s cup of tea. And after many attempts to win back the love of her life, Kajala, the Tanzanian music star has finally won her back. The most interesting part is that Kajala was spotted at Harmonize recently – and you know what that means? They probably had a good time together.

Harmonize began their journey to woo Kajala by buying her a brand new Range Rover; which Kajala was hesitant to accept. He then offered several apologies, explaining how Kajala greatly brushed him off. His numerous attempts ended in a stalemate for several months, but the guy continued to simp without caring about denigrating statements from critics.

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In addition to his exorbitant gifts to Kajala, Konde Boy has now delivered on his promise to make her the CEO of his label.

“Inshallah my wife will be my manager one day. Forget to love him. I really trust him in the name of God. We’re going to be serious 💴💴 and help a lot of people on the street cause ana moyo wa huruma sana. Anamtanguliza Mungu sana the only anawezana na hii kichwa mimosii. Kwa sababu anamtanguliza Mungu. I love you my wife, her message read.

Indeed, the promise is now kept and Kajala is now the boss of his label. And above all, the two are now lovebirds. I bet it was their tattoos of each other that made them come together.

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