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How to Build a Complete Recording Studio in Your Home PLUS An amazing FREE plugin and sound packs valued at $ 50 PLUS six funk sample collections!

In the all new Computer Music (October 2021), we’re not only giving you a fantastic filter plugin and sound packs worth $ 50, but also a full DVD of funk samples AND all the tips you can get. need to create a recording studio in your home!

Making music in a bespoke creative space doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to put together, and we’ve got all the practical solutions, tips and advice to create such a space, whatever your budget. We’ve got everything you need, including room acoustics, soundproofing, speaker setup, and even recording voices in your room!

Amazing free plugin and sound packs worth $ 50!

Our free plugin offering this month is Rift Filter Lite from Minimal Audio and we’re also giving you an amazing set of five Minimal sound packs worth $ 50! Rift Filter Lite lets you create amazing filter modulation effects with a convenient interface that delivers dramatic results in an instant.

PLUS a FREE Ultimate Funk Collection Sample DVD

Our Ultimate Series Sample collection continues with this month’s DVD featuring two new and four classic funk ‘n’ disco packs, bringing a total of nearly 3,000 free samples for your music creation!

Make music now!

Also in the October 2021 issue, we have three in-depth expert guides covering many aspects of your music making. We welcome Ashley Thorpe to the fold of CM who is starting a new series on vocal production. Former Dave Clews continues his exploration of the songwriting space, while “Other Dave” Gale gives you more tips on how to get the most out of the free CM Plugin Suite synths, this times showing you how to recreate the famous perky synth sound, for free! On top of that, we also get back to basics with some great hands-on, in-depth workshops that show you how to get the most out of the dynamic and EQ processors that come with your favorite DAW.

Interviews and reviews!

We have a wide selection of interviews in this issue with one of India’s top producers Sandunes deliver details on how she coped with Covid… by producing some of her best music, that’s how it is! Then we have 15 questions with the two Bomba Estereo, one of the largest groups in Latin America, and Ishmael set, taking and updating the rich and varied sound of Bristol to produce their incredible and distinct music. As for the reviews, we have an exceptional batch of new gear in the process of testing including versions of Traction, Arturia, Xils-Lab, Orchestral Tools, Audio Imperia and more.

The October 2021 issue of Computer Music is A DIY studio creation you can’t miss!

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