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Iconic brand hopes to become iconic record label with Slash

What Orville Gibson started in Kalamazoo 127 years ago as a musical instrument maker took on a new dimension on Tuesday with the creation of a label, Gibson Records.

The logo of the new Gibson Records. (Gibson brands)

And to that end, the new label is launching with a partnership with BMG, the fourth largest music company in the world. And the first signed act is Slash with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. The combination recorded several albums and even won awards. No release date for this new album has been announced.

The first release announcing the label is filled with the flowery language of Slash. “It’s an honor to be the first release on the new Gibson Records. It’s definitely a zenith in our partnership and having worked so closely with Gibson for so long I know this will be a label that will truly support their artists in a creative way. Not just me, but all the artists they choose to work with. It’s perfect.”

But knowing that Slash owns over 100 guitars and helped put the Gibson Les Paul back in the spotlight, it sounds like a natural partnership. And Slash has also worked on seventeen Les Paul model projects with Gibson since 1997.

And anything that brings more good rock and roll to the world is certainly worth following.

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