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Inaugural PravdaFest hailing Chicago label comes to Skokie – Chicago Tribune

Sheila Sachs, artistic director of Pravda Records, didn’t expect to come up with a beer can design when a project she says “landed on her plate earlier this year”.

“Creating this can of beer has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and that’s because I had to work with Kenn and his creativity to make it happen,” said Sachs, who is still waiting. when she can hold one of the finished cans in her hand.

“I’m waiting for the big weekend to have a can in my hand and music all around me at this event.”

The event is the first PravdaFest, June 24-25 in the parking lot of Sketchbook Brewing Co. in Skokie. The co-creator of the Sachs beer can is Kenn Goodman, who founded Pravda Records 38 years ago.

Iconic and based in Chicago as an ever-expanding independent music label, Pravda Records was born from an idea that blossomed into a career during Goodman’s college years at Northern Illinois University. Today, after more than 100 musical releases, the Pravada label represents bands beyond Chicago and spans genres from country punk and garage rock to indie pop and soul.

“I’ve been with Pravda since the beginning, and so when Kenn gives me instructions like adding band names to the top edge of the beer can I create to celebrate this music label, I go with it, because that Kenn always knows exactly what he wants, Sachs said.

“Kenn was always very visual and he always had a vision.”

Goodman said that while some might “raise an eyebrow for a brief moment” upon hearing the label’s branding or the name of the PravdaFest event due to Russia’s global attention in recent years, he said that it is her company’s reputation and history that clearly separates her from any political ties.

“When I came up with the name of the label, I took the word ‘pravada’ from seeing it used in a book and it happened to catch my eye, because once defined, it is a word that means “truth” in Russian,” Goodman said. .

He said his biggest challenge in recent years has been working with Sketchbook Brewing Co., including brewery co-founder Shawn Decker and other organizers, to plan, schedule and finally “give the green light”. at the record company‘s anniversary festival event, which has been postponed for more. two years.

“We always planned for this to be a big 35th anniversary celebration,” Goodman said.

“But hey, Pravda38 looks pretty good on our limited edition beer can, so we thought there was really no reason to wait until our 40th anniversary.”

Goodman said the partnership with Sketchbook Brewing Co. was “a natural fit” since he grew up just five blocks from the brewery’s location. He loved the idea of ​​teaming up to also create a custom lager variety packaged in souvenir cans to celebrate the event, which Goodman says is “a celebration of this indie music label institution founded in 1984”.

The two-night event features a selection of favorite bands, both established names and big-name new acts, performing on an outdoor stage with an assortment of beers, food trucks and more.

The eight-band lineup includes Boom Hank, Hushdrops, Steve Dawson and Josh Caterer on Friday night, and in the spotlight on Saturday night, The Handcuffs, Diplomats of Solid Sound, The Service and The Slugs. Media personality James VanOsdol will host both concert nights.

Limited edition posters and t-shirts will also be sold during the festival at a Pravda pop-up shop in the vendor area.

“I love everything about this festival, including the way we’ve designed the concert space, which is not just a parking lot, but really more centered around the brewery loading dock,” Goodman said.

“It’s a cool place for a party. I may have started this music label, but it’s really about the music, the band and the fans that got us to where we are today.

PravadaFest 2022

When: 7 p.m. on June 24 and 25

Where: Sketchbook Brewing Co., 4901 Main St., Skokie

Cost: One-day pass $30, two-day pass $50; VIP ticket $75

Information: 773-763-7509;

Philip Potempa is a freelance journalist for Pioneer Press.