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Is the Luncheonette in Parenthood a real recording studio?

Parenthood’s recording studio, the Luncheonette, is a staple of the show, its characters, and its fans, whether real or not.

The show Kinship is one of the most treasured television dramas of recent years, and the Luncheonette is one of its most recognizable settings. Despite its convincing appearance, however, the Luncheonette is not a real recording studio. Its interior was set on a soundstage at Universal Studios in Hollywood, while the exterior was filmed on Universal’s backlot. Despite this, it’s easy to suspend belief in the Luncheonette because of the believable story. Kinship created for it.

Kinship is a comedy-drama that follows the Braverman siblings – Adam, Sarah, Crosby and Julia – as they navigate the ups and downs of parenthood. Jason Katims (also known for the television series Friday night lights) created the series that aired on NBC from 2010 to 2015. Kinship had an amazing ensemble, great guest stars, and storytelling that always touched the heart. As for the recording studio, Crosby and Adam bought the Luncheonette in Season 3 after Adam lost his job at T&S shoes.

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The Luncheonette is a historic recording studio that has seen legendary musicians like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead and many more. It’s a legendary place, according to the rich canon Kinship created for it. With names like this, it’s easy to assume that the Luncheonette is a real place anyone can visit. It gets even more exciting when the brothers turn it back on to maintain his aforementioned legacy.

This recording studio has become a key location for the series. Sure, it was the space of so many iconic performances before the show existed, but that party didn’t stop when Kinship started. The series actually brought real-world musicians into the Luncheonette. CeeLo Green and Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects, to name a few, have appeared on Kinship. They became full-fledged characters in the story – affecting Adam, Crosby and even Amber Holt.

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Adam and Crosby’s niece Amber (played by Mae Whitman) forged a special bond with the Luncheonette and became influential in its success. So much so that Jason Katims launched a four-part digital companion series that followed Amber’s daily responsibilities at the Luncheonette. It was called Friday evening at the Luncheonette. It was a highly anticipated project for Kinship and FNL fans because he combined the shows through a shared appreciation of music.

The Luncheonette was, of course, the heart of this epic crossover. FNL’Landy Clarke and his band Crucifictorious recorded at the studio, and Derek Phillips’ Billy Riggins also stopped by the Luncheonette. The appearances of these characters were incredibly hilarious, considering several cast members (including Matt Lauria and Michael B. Jordan) from FNL appeared on Kinship as different characters. The Luncheonette challenged fiction and reality because it combined them in meaningful ways.

Kinship let the Luncheonette be a character on the show as if it were another Braverman. Memorable moments (however small) have happened there. It brought the family together and tore them apart a few times. It’s a fake recording studio, but that’s part of the fabric of the show. And that’s something the characters and the fans said goodbye to when the series ended. Just as Red Bedroom Records became something more than a A tree hill aimed at fans, the Luncheonette’s resonance extends beyond its fictional existence.

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