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Juelz Santana launches the “I Can’t Feel My Face” label | The latest hip-hop news, music and media

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Source: press release / The Legion Media Group

We may never have had this I can’t feel my face Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne’s duet album at the time, but now Juelz is turning that once mixtape title into a record label.

Juelz Santana recently announced that he would be launching his own independent label called I Can’t Feel My Face Records and he even has a rather unique label logo. Featuring a zombified baby with Juelz’s signature bandana on the side, the logo is subtly reminiscent of the OG Bad Boy Records baby logo except, well, dead and reanimated. I can’t wait to see a glossy version of this logo.

“The baby made sense,” Santana said in a statement. “All of a sudden, the baby started living his own life. Over time, the baby will evolve into a cartoon with voiceovers for the music videos.

But Santana does not stop at music. He plans to turn his label I Can’t Feel My Face into a brand that will offer clothing and even become his own strain of cannabis at some point in the future. It should be a fire stump with a name like that. Juelz is expected to drop off I Can’t Feel My Face travel baggage with secret compartments that airport baggage scanners can’t penetrate. Wait, on second thought, that’s a bad idea.

Take a look at the I Can’t Feel My Face baby logo below and let us know your thoughts on Juelz Santana’s latest adventure in the comments section below.