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Kanye West CLAIMS, the Universal label released Donda without his approval

Kanye West’s highly anticipated album Donda unexpectedly released on streaming platforms on August 29th, but it looks like Kanye has no idea! The rapper recently took to Instagram to claim his 10th studio album was released without his approval. He also stated that a song named “Jail 2” was “stuck” on the album.

“Universal released my album without my approval,” he began. “They stopped Jail 2 from being on the album,” West said in a rather cryptic Instagram post. Fans in the comments section sympathized with rapper Gold Digger on this. However, given the delay the album must have endured before its release on streaming platforms, some internet users have taken to poking fun at West, stating that it would not have been released at all if Universal hadn’t. not taken the measure of taking matters into their own hands!

Check out Kanye West’s post:

Earlier, ex-wife Kim Kardashian also took to her social media platform to promote Kanye’s brand new songs. By posting screenshots of the same, Kardashian confirmed that she is listening to her album, especially songs including Donda, come to life, Lord, I need you, hurricane, and Ok Ok, Pt. 2. “

Previously, Kanye had openly expressed his dissatisfaction with his record company and informed fans that he would not release any new music until he completed his contract with Sony and Universal. He has also tweeted about his dispute with the record companies on numerous occasions.

The release date for West’s 10th studio album has been scheduled and rescheduled for over a year. For the uninitiated, the album’s third night of listening was previously held in Chicago, where ex-wife Kim Kardashian was part of a dramatic act, and she was seen wearing a wedding dress on stage!

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