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Kim Petras signs with label and releases first single from debut album

Photograph by Steven Klein

Pop sensation Kim Petras has signed with Republic Records and released Future Starts Now, the first song from her upcoming studio album.

After teasing fans about her new song’s release on Twitter last week, Kim finally released the dance-pop infused bop reminiscent of her previous hits Clarity and TURN OFF THE LIGHT.

“I felt so anxious at the start of the lockdown because for me the most anxiety-provoking thing is not being able to work and do what I love,” Kim said of the inspiration behind her new single.

“Future Starts Now has come about trying to stay present, instead of stressing out about the future and all the time wasted.”

The track draws inspiration from ’80s-infused dance hits, as well as European house music she fell in love with on family trips to Paris as a child.

Kim revealed that the City of Love is also a hotbed of the case more generally, as during the anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic, she focused on Paris – a place that has always been a source of happiness. for her.

Hitmaker Icy even extended the French inspiration for the new album to Twitter, changing her name on the platform to “KIM PETRAS the BAGUETTE BICH”.

Writing about her new recording deal on Twitter, Kim said: “Thanks for believing [in] me Republic, I feel so supported and I have no idea how I did it before you did.

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