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Launch of the UNSEEN label with a huge new release from Citizen Kain

Launch of the UNSEEN label with a huge new release from Citizen Kain

INVISIBLE is a record company that seeks to make a difference on the stage through the collision of art and the digital sphere. To welcome him to the world, they unveiled a massive new EP of Citizen Kainkiss me again‘. As the label says, it: “blurs the boundaries and shines on another plane. Our community is one of pure energy, soul mates in search of harmony.”

Gearing up to push the boundaries of the music industry, UNSEEN is a brand new record label that aims to bring the worlds of art and digital space together into one, a blend of modern and ever-changing technologies. evolution. Besides blurring boundaries, their music will also tell a story and take listeners on a magical journey through techno sounds and melodic masterpieces. As they begin this new journey, they also want to open up space for new, emerging and a mix of familiar artists to express themselves without the constraints and pressures of what the industry may expect of them. Self-expression, exploration and energy are exactly what UNSEEN stands for, whether on the dance floor or at home, and this new journey will see them make massive waves on the scene.

To get to the root of what UNSEEN is and what we, and fans, can expect from it in the near future as it grows, we sat down with the minds of UNSEEN to find out more.

With UNSEEN, what message are you trying to convey to the industry?

The labelThe true vision of is to allow creative minds to explore themselves and their sounds. Find their art and improve it. Reach the old borders and go beyond them.

What sounds or artists can fans expect to find on the label as it evolves?

A sound odyssey punctuated by irresistible melodies, resounding rhythms and underlying grooves, modern frequencies and future sounds. We would like to keep our upcoming artists a secret for now.

Do you have long term goals for UNSEEN?

UNSEEN, a label that tells a story of old and new, physical and intangible. Whether through releases or later on the dancefloors, UNSEEN aims to bring its artists and listeners together in a great exchange of energy.

UNSEEN has officially launched their first release, released on August 3. Starting strong as they want to go on, they welcome Citizen Kain’s latest release, a three-track EP featuring two originals and a remix by The Element’s hands of the title track ‘Kiss Me Again’. A solid start for the label and another huge release under the producer’s belt, this sets a solid foundation for the growth of this label, also setting the tone as to what we can expect from future releases. “Kiss Me Again”, the title track, is a 7-minute masterpiece that you will truly lose yourself in.

Citizen Kain – Kiss Me Again EP artwork

Featuring different tones that can act as “parts” of the track, it connects to different moods, being uplifting and euphoric, but also showcasing its darker club side. On the other hand, melodic house & techno artist The Element gives us his take on the track with his key talent. Coming out with the groove, while paying attention to the original’s intrinsic melodies, he strikes the perfect balance between the sound of his & Citizen Kain, and his otherworldly melodies will resonate with listeners everywhere. To complete the EP, another original titled ‘sandy soil‘ is on a mission to delight listeners – and it succeeds.

As we wait to see what else UNSEEN comes out of the bag as they begin a strong new journey, listen to Citizen Kain’s EP with The Element down hereand don’t forget to follow the label on Facebook here.