It is inevitable that the emergence of criptomoedas changed the financial market. Investors already entered the market battle because of the large variations of this currency that is yielding enough subject and money. And just like them, you can also start your business with crypto-coins.

It is not only from Bitcoin that the crypto-coins live. There are thousands of others, even cheaper. Ethereum , for example, is one that is part of that niche.

The platform of this criptomoeda creates several tokens . These, in this case, are not necessarily a valuable currency. However, they are also transacted, but can be used as contract, document certification, among other functions.

ICOs are required to create these tokens. And that’s exactly what you’re going to use to get into the crypto-coins.

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What is ICOs?

What is ICOs?

The term itself means Initial Coin Offering. And the ICOs work as group financing. That is, the company exchanges tokens for Bitcoins or other crypto-coins. Thus, it is not necessary to receive shares of a company.

To raise these values, a whitepaper plan is often created that states what the project is about. Thus enthusiasts and supporters of the project buy some of the digital species, distributed as fiduciary or virtual currency.

If the ICO does not reach the minimum funds, the money is returned.

Who participates in ICO aims to buy digital coins in the hope that the project will be successful. In addition, success can result in a greater cryptomanced value than what was acquired before the project began.

One of the biggest revenues with ICO was from EOS. The criptomoeda managed to raise $ 4 billion. In the beginning, they used a token of the Ethereum platform to exchange for EOS.

How to participate in an ICO and start business with crypto-coins

How to participate in an ICO and start business with crypto-coins

The offers accept, basically, Bitcoins, Litecoins and Ethereum. Then, you need to access the website of one of the ICO participating currencies that you enter. And you exchange your real money for crypto coins, and from them you can buy the tokens.

Each criptomoeda has its variation, so this influences the number of tokens you will receive. For example, if you invest 0.15 BTC, you will receive 678 tokens. Some ICOs already tell you how much this conversion will be.

For this, think about investing money that you do not need. After all, there are great risks of downgrades or even cancellation of the project.

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That is why many do not consider investing in ICOs a good option. However, investing the right way, researching the legitimacy of the project and the ICO, your profit may be greater than you think.