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Lofi Girl YouTube Livestream Removed After Copyright Complaint, Label Blames Pirates For Fake Report

Lofi Girl Live Stream Deleted Following Record Company’s Alleged Fake Copyright Infringement Report

If you’re on YouTube often, you’ve probably come across a thumbnail of an animated girl studying at her desk next to a window.

To her loyal fans, this girl is simply known as the “Lofi Girl”, as she is the face of a livestream that plays lo-fi music 24/7.

Titled “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study”, the removal of the live stream recently sent shockwaves around the world.

A record company had apparently filed a copyright claim, but it turned out to be false. YouTube instead terminated the company’s account.

The Lofi Girl livestream stopped on Sunday

The public first learned of the copyright strike on Sunday (July 10) via a tweet from the official Lofi Girl account.

In it, Lofi Girl posted a message from YouTube stating that they had removed their live stream due to a copyright takedown notice from FMC Music Sdn Bhd Malaysia.

Source: @lofigirl on Twitter

Apart from “beats to relax/study”, the channel’s other live stream titled “fights to sleep/to relax‘ was also affected.

At the time of deletion, the two had a combined total of 797 million views and over 41,000 hours of streaming time.

The Livestream channel has filed a counterclaim against the record company

Not wanting to go down without a fight, the channel – which has 10.8 million subscribers – filed a counterclaim against FMC Music Sdn Bhd Malaysia.

Lofi Girl also called on her 135,111 Twitter followers to spread the word by dropping the hashtag #BringBackLofiGirl.

According Yahoo! Financethis prompted YouTube to manually review the record company’s complaint and conclude that it did not own the music being played.

A day later (July 11), YouTube confirmed that the copyright infringement report was “abusive” and that it had restored the live streams.

lofi girl livestream deleted

Source: @TeamYoutube on Twitter

They added that it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for “everything to return to normal”, referring to the restoration of live broadcasts.

YouTube also revealed that they had terminated the record company’s account.

A check on YouTube, however, shows that the record label chain is still in place at the time of writing.

Record company says pirates filed suit

When contacted by Malaysiakinian FMC Music spokesperson said hackers compromised the company’s YouTube account and filed a complaint.

“We’ve already reported this to Google and hope it works out in the end,” they said.

In a statement to The starFMC Music also said it has made a report to YouTube and is awaiting the results of an investigation.

Since the removal of live streams, angry fans have taken over FMC Music’s social accounts with #BringBackLofiGirl.

Among them are Malaysians, who say the company’s actions have only brought shame to the country.

Lofi Girl hopes YouTube can make changes to the system

At the time of reporting, “rhythms for studying/relaxing” and “rhythms for sleeping/relaxing” are fully back online.

In light of the previous takedown, however, Lofi Girl expressed disappointment in YouTube for not having “any kind of protection or manual review of these false claims”.

lofi girl livestream deleted

Source: @lofigirl on Twitter

They claimed there was a similar incident in 2020 where YouTube took down the entire channel.

As such, they hoped the platform would consider making changes to its copyright declaration system.

By doing so, such incidents could be prevented from happening again and would also protect content creators and their work.

Glad the livestream is back up and running

As a source of solace and focus for so many, Lofi Girl live streams truly play a vital role on YouTube.

We’re glad the main video is airing again and hope “beats to sleep/chill to” will follow soon.

Fingers crossed YouTube management will take this as a sign to review their systems and do better by their users.

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Featured image adapted from Lofi Girl on Youtube.