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London’s Fabric launches a new label, Fabric Originals

London nightclub Fabric has launched a brand new record label, Fabric Originals.

Announced today (September 6), the imprint will integrate with the already established Fabric Mix series and Houndstooth label. It aims to release special projects from acts that “shape the present and future of boundary-pushing club music on a global scale”.

To accompany the news, Fabric Originals have shared a new 12″ split disc from hi-NRG pioneers Eris Drew and Octo Octa titled “Day After A Night With U / Stars & Water”.

The first track features a soulful vocal sample and vintage-style synthesizers. It is described as “a sensuous reverberation of shared love breaking the shackles of anxiety” which sees Drew channeling “spiritual sensibilities”.

On ‘Stars & Water’, Octa draws inspiration from classic house music with the building gradually cut in energy. “[The song] carries strength and gentleness; bouncing and drifting to move his body, but also his heart, one description read.

You can listen to ‘Day After A Night With U / Stars & Water’ below, and buy the vinyl edition (priced at £13) here. A limited edition version of the 12″ is also available to purchase for £18.

Alternatively, fans can get the dual version as a digital download and stream it online. here.

Fabric Originals’ initial release schedule will feature projects – including single, EP, album and compilation formats – from artists including DJ Bone, Helena Hauff, I. JORDAN & Sherelle, LCY, Marcel Dettmann and more.

Last summer, nightclub Fabric banned photography and filming on its dance floor ahead of its post-COVID reopening.

In a statement, the club’s co-founder, Cameron Leslie, explained: “Going forward, we want to reaffirm the policy to encourage people to stay in the moment, protect the dancefloor experience and avoiding social media stress or anxiety.

“It’s about respecting the event, the artists and the other dancers.”