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Maffio launches the “Alkatraks Music” label

It all starts with Calacote (real name Luca Newton), an ambitious 22-year-old singer-songwriter born in North Carolina and of Dominican and French descent.

He describes his leap of faith as the ultimate “cinematic movement”.

He started exploring music about two years ago, but never thought he could pursue a career there. He discovered his talent and passion for composing music amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and took his shot. He packed his things, left Canada, where he was a student, moved first to New York, then to Miami. After a few months of living in Miami, in December to be exact, he decided to send Maffio a direct message on Instagram. Twenty minutes later Maffio responded, they met and the rest is history.

On August 20, Calacote will release their first single under the Alkatraks Music Group name titled “Azafata”. A remix with perreo All-Stars Jowell & Randy is also ongoing. “It’s the first song Maffio and I have done together and the first time I’ve been to a recording studio,” he says. “While Maffio was doing the beat, I was writing the song. It literally took us about 45 minutes to create.

With lyrics such as “serving me dinner like a flight attendant,” Calacote brings a “unique and unheard of” musical mix full of witty hooks and experimental fusions, with the Dominican dembow always in the foreground. “My sound is evolving and will always evolve,” he notes, “but I think the essence of my sound will never change. This, combined with the rhythms of Maffio, makes pure magic. Basically I’m not trying to copy anyone in the music.

Calacote, whose artistic name is a play on words of “being popular”, the French slang for “being popular”, attributes Arcangel and Residente to their greatest musical influences. “They were the first artists to inspire me to want to pursue a musical career,” he recalls. “And thanks to Maffio I’m now in a real creative space, making music and learning so much.”

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