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Meet Camo Tha GOAT: Rapper, Videographer and Record Company Owner

originally from Chicago Illinois, Camo Tha GOAT is a rapper, videographer, director, social media influencer and full-time record label owner. He puts a lot of time and creativity into his work; by creating and leaving his mark in the world, he truly lives his dreams. At twenty-four, Camouflage is CEO of Goat me high and builds its future with its many companies and talents.

Not everyone ends up finding their purpose and living it, but Camo Tha GOAT has been working on its future for quite some time now. “I learned a lot and worked really hard. I fell into a lot of things, but still got the job done, ”he says. “I want to make my business popular so I work and work, and I don’t stop. This is how I got to where I am today.

Camouflage does a lot of video production after finding his hobby in 2012. Since then his videography, photography and label have grown steadily. “I always find ways to promote my business and my label,” he says. “I want my brand to be bigger and more present. I have very big plans for the future.

Camo Tha Goat is also known as Cory Thompson. His experience is diverse, with so many successful companies, his skills are broad as he works in different industries as a creative force. He is best known for his successful web TV series, The generation which originally aired on Youtube and reached over 10 million views (2012-2014). Camo started making videos in 2012 because of his older brother.

At this time, Camo was an aspiring rapper, before discovering that video directing was his talent. Cory and his brother had a friendly competition by editing the exact same video he lost the competition which set him on fire to become one of the best. Soon after, Camo took inspiration from a successful TV show to create his own with Thomas Conley.

Using the Facebook and Twitter platforms, this helped shape the cast for The generation. When the first episode of The generation aired, it reached over 10,000 views, giving it the attention of several Chicago artists like 147 Calboy Moneybagg Yo GHerbo, Neil Gang, Stunt Taylor, Big Sexy, DLow Lil Kemo, and more. In 2018, he created Goat Me Up, which is a visual platform to showcase talented individuals around the world with their talents.

With his experience in television on the Web, he diversified into directing and filming. His current videography business is gaining popularity and traffic as he continues to showcase his art. His YouTube channel is where you can find most of his videos and completed projects. Most of his videography includes music videos, promotional videos, short films, weddings, concerts and many more.

“I really want my brand to last, I work very hard to promote and develop it. It’s been a process from the very beginning, ”says Camo. “I have 56,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 13 million views. My Instagram has over 10,000 views and my Facebook has over 4,000 fans. Even with these numbers there will still be obstacles, but I keep going. This is what we do.”

Camo Tha GOAT has recently been on the radar as he continues to grow and shows the world he doesn’t back down from his dreams. “Even with an ongoing pandemic, there was a struggle, but nothing we couldn’t handle. When you want a professional, the Chicago native will be waiting for your call.

Posted on July 4, 2021

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