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Megan Thee Stallion Says Label Will Not Allow Her To Ditch BTS ” Butter ‘Remix (UPDATE)

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UPDATE 08/08, 9:28 PM ET: It looks like we’ll be hearing BTS’s “Butter” remix with Megan Thee Stallion on Friday after all.

Judge granted Megan the right to remove BTS hit song remix after the Good news the rapper submitted a petition claiming that her record company prohibited her from doing so, Variety reports.

Megan filed the petition Tuesday in Harris County, Texas.

See the original story below.

BTS’s “Butter” is a pretty sweet song. But it could be even smoother with the help of a certain Hot Girl, and for a certain season.

According to TMZ and Variety, a remix of the track starring Megan Thee Stallion is available, but legal documents obtained by the post claim that 1501 Certified Entertainment is preventing Meg from dropping it, at least according to Meg’s team.

The song was due for release on Friday, and the documents claim Meg believes the track will be good for her international fan base, while 1501 believes the track won’t be good for her. Meg claims in the documents that the label is trying to squeeze 6 figures from her in exchange for releasing the song, shares TMZ.

Meg has already secured an order to prevent label boss Carl Crawford and 1501 from blocking new music releases, which TMZ says is happening here.

Meg has had public label issues in the past, when she took to Instagram Live last March to share that the label was preventing her from dropping new content, then filed a complaint about it and asked a judge to terminate his contract.

If Megan gets approval to drop the “Butter” remix, it could mean big things for her and the K-pop supergroup, as the song is already fairly well ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 since nine. weeks (not currently), and a Meg feature sure doesn’t hurt her chances of getting back up there.

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