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Mu Diamonds and new label Dynesty Entertainment announce collaboration for new project

Buffalo, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – October 29, 2021) – Dynesty Entertainment plans to collaborate with Mu Diamonds on their new project. Engaged in a career in the music industry as a rapper, sound engineer and record label manager, Mu Diamonds pushes the boundaries of rap music and prepares to influence the game in a positive way. Popularly known in some circles as the “King of Buffalo”, Mu Diamonds is an embodiment of versatility with his talents as a rapper, full-service music engineer, producer, content creator and marketer. He allowed his talents to shine despite his disabilities due to injuries from a drive-by shootout. He has worked over the years and is now on track to explode and rise through the ranks of the rap industry.

Memories and moments

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Beyond his ability to create music and the other elements that make music sound great, Mu Diamonds has supported his brand with his pure energy, determination, courage, storytelling skills, and a strong connection to his sound. public. His growing life in the ghetto and the Buffalo projects strongly influenced his worldview, and he is eager to conquer major parts of the United States and then the world with his music.

Born Andre Yarbrough, Mu Diamonds’ rise from the trenches into a powerful name in the music industry is inspiring and worth watching. He had so many limitations against him since birth and the shooting made them worse, but he knew it was up to him to change his situation. He was also aware that being successful could open more doors for other people behind him. So he continued to work hard to create opportunities for many others with similar backgrounds to his.

Mu Diamonds is not just another musical cadre who decides which artist should have a chance to become famous; his general disposition to all future artists is to inspire them and help them put their dreams into perspective. “I recognize that a lot of people have shattered dreams and gone out of their way to overcome difficulties in their lives but have hope in their musical talents. I want to help them connect with real and changing opportunities. life and prove to them that success is achievable regardless of their background, limitations and setbacks in life, “said Mu Diamonds. His label has grown in impact and influence as he continues to strengthen his sound and his musical styles through the different talents he’s put on the map, plus he has a strong desire to build a strong community through music, and he does it one talent at a time.

Mu Diamonds hopes to continue to discover new talent and develop new musical sounds to grow his business. He believes his story and the imminent successes that will follow from his business will soon inspire talented people around the world while giving them all the hope they need to keep going. Mu’s debut album will be released on October 31 under the title “Memories & Moments”.

Learn more about Mu Diamonds on his official Instagram page. Also check out Dynesty Entertainment on YouTube.

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