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New video recording studio for GHC teachers and students

Note: The following article has been provided by Georgia Highlands College for display. – KtE

Thanks to the collaboration of several departments, Georgia Highlands College (GHC) recently unveiled its new Video Recording Studio (VRS) to allow professors to easily record lectures and additional content for their courses.

Dean of Libraries and College Testing Julius Fleschner said the VRS, which is located at the Cartersville site, will have several benefits for GHC instructors.

“Our faculty can record lectures with PowerPoint slides visible or just record a brief two to five minute concept reminder, Fleschner said.

While the idea for VRS came from Dean of Planning, Assessment, Accreditation and Research Jesse Bishop years ago, the previous shift to distance education for spring semesters and summer 2020 catapulted the idea into necessity.

The system, from Extron, provides a single, one-button panel where customers can plug in a USB drive to record their video.

“This activates the system and turns on the cameras, microphones and lights,” Fleschner said. “Users can use an iMac to display their presentation behind them on a monitor. “

At the front of the room, there is a screen called the Trust Monitor, which allows users to see what is being recorded. The room also contains a light board, which is a large piece of glass that allows speakers to write with a special marker visible to viewers.

The VRS is also open to students, and Fleschner said he hoped instructors would use the VRS to introduce multimodal composition frameworks into their assignments, allowing students to compose assignments in more than just an essay format. .

“This structure can be taught and students can easily record a speech or presentation at their own pace without personal technological limitations,” said Fleschner. “Students can also use the VRS to create YouTube channels or promotional videos for registered student organizations. “

The facilitation and launch of the VRS was made possible by Cartersville Site Librarian Jessica Osborne, Director of Audiovisual Services Tony Gambill and Director of the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Josie Baudier.

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