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Norwich: Lowell Pottergate launches record label

15:18 September 23, 2022

A town entrepreneur has launched a record company for “working class musicians” who has already found success with his vintage store Lanes.

Jack Ames is Lowell’s co-owner at Pottergate, a record store and vintage clothing store.

He has now started Lowell Records with the aim of helping Norwich musicians press their music onto vinyl in an “affordable and sustainable way of the highest quality”.

The boutique, which opened early last year, has already proven itself, meaning Jack felt confident enough to move on to his next project.

He said: “There must be someone who is really trying to help new musicians stand out in an industry that is growing exponentially every year.

“At the moment we plan to keep it local. I don’t think there’s a need to find bands further afield when there’s so much great music in Norwich.”

The brand partnered with Detroit-based record label Third Man Pressing to create the vinyls.

Jack added: “Musicians are looking for a way to get their music out there, but there are so many obstacles.

“Some musicians wait a year and a half to get a record pressed.

“Being able to work with Third Man and deliver a much shorter lead time is vital and their durability in manufacturing is unmatched.”

When the label’s announcement was posted on social media earlier in the week, it garnered over 900 social media impressions.

The label has been tight-lipped about its debut release which is expected to be announced within the next month, in conjunction with the launch of Lowell Records’ new online store.

From there, talent will be able to submit their work for pressing – without paying an upfront fee until a minimum goal of 100 pre-orders is reached.

On the future of the brand, Jack said: “We want to get to a position where people believe that what we produce is worth listening to. It’s a big step for people to spend a lot of money. money for a band they’ve never heard of..

“But I love the music and I love the community here and being able to support it is so exciting.”