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Offset sues Migos label for ownership of his solo work

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The Migos status may be up in the airbut one member has no doubts about his position as a solo artist.

According Variety, Gap is suing the band’s label, Quality Control, saying the company is trying to claim ownership of his solo work, even though he “paid handsomely” for the rights in a 2021 deal.

Although the label still holds a stake in Migos as a group, Offset states that Quality Control’s claims about his solo work are “false and knowingly infringe Offset’s rights to his own music”.

According to a settlement agreement in January 2021, “Offset and Quality Control terminated the production agreement regarding Offset’s solo recording services, and Offset became the sole owner of all right, title and interest in and to his services as a solo artist, recording artist and songwriter.

The “Bad and Boujee” rapper recently released the song “54321. According to the complaint, Quality Control wanted Offset’s new label, Motown Records, to “publicly (albeit falsely) list Quality Control as having an interest in the recording of ‘54321’”.

The lawsuit also states that “Quality Control persists in asserting that it owns an interest in ‘54321’ and, presumably, in all future Offset solo recordings.”

Legal issues between record labels and artists are nothing new. The stories of artists being exploited and taken advantage of are part of music history. However, things are always a little more complicated when a member of a group wants to go solo. Add to that the fact that Offset seems to want out of Migos, and it all gets even more complicated.

Although Quavo and Takeoff are still performing as Migos, Offset hasn’t taken the stage with them in a while. Like us previously reported to The rootin May, Offset and his superstar wife Cardi B ditched his bandmates on Instagram, which is the first step in a 2022 breakup.

While the “Ric Flair Drip” rapper did not participate in Variety’s story, Quality Control sent the outlet a graphic with the message, “Not only are the charges in this lawsuit false, they are totally detached from reality. Offset remains part of QC. Back to business”

Meanwhile, Offset wants “a declaratory judgment that Quality Control retains no right, title or interest in his solo career.”

If Quality Control and Compensation has a prior settlement in place, this dispute seems pretty black and white. Of course, record labels will do whatever it takes to avoid giving artists the upper hand. I’m sure a lot of musicians are keeping an eye on the outcome of this lawsuit.