Recording studio

Opening of a new recording studio in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – There is a new place where musicians can record in the Twin Ports.

Spoon Studios recently opened near the Lake Superior Zoo.

It’s named after owner Solomon Witherspoon, who says he always wanted one. He hopes to make the space a place where the city can come together and welcome everyone.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, whatever year, brand, model you are, you can come to the studio, we make dreams come true,” says Witherspoon. “Whoever you are; if you want guitar lessons, we have guitar lessons, vocal lessons, piano lessons. Most importantly, I want people to shine, and that’s all that matters. at Spoon Studios, that’s what we’re going to do unequivocally.

One of the first to record there was Tracey Blake, known for her songwriting and songwriting. He says he wanted to help a close friend start his new business and assures musicians in the Duluth area that they are in good hands.

“No matter your level as a musician, how much money you have; Solomon just wants to give and help you reach that next level, ”says Blake.

For people who know Witherspoon for the Spoon’s restaurant he runs, which was damaged by a fire in August, he says he’s not withdrawing from the food business. Her next project will combine her love of music and food in one place.