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Raye and Polydor split after singer claims label won’t allow her to release album | Ents & Arts News

Brit Award-nominated singer Raye has “split” from her record company after claiming she was not allowed to release an album.

The 23-year-old, who had signed with Polydor since 2014, blamed the split on “different artistic goals” in a statement posted to Instagram and Twitter on Monday evening.

“Today I am speaking to you as a freelance artist,” she wrote.

“Polydor and I talked and agreed to go our separate ways.

“I want to say a big thank you to the Polydor team and everyone who fought for me, believed in me and worked so hard for me over the years.

“Polydor is an amazing infrastructure team, unfortunately we have different artistic goals and I am so grateful to them for giving me a gracious and fluid exit to begin my next chapter as an artist.”

She captioned the post: “Just a Croydon little girl with a dream.”

At the end of June, the singer shared a series of touching tweets in which she said she was “fed up with getting laid” by Polydor.

Raye, real name Rachel Agatha Keen, claimed the company was preventing him from releasing an album, despite signing a four-disc contract seven years ago.

“For the context, for an album to be created, the label must release money for the songs to be completed, fees for producers, mixes, masters and marketing support etc … I have waited 7 years for this day and am still waiting.

Raye, real name Rachel Agatha Keen, signed a four album deal in 2014. File photo

“So now I’m told if Call On Me [her latest single] done well so i can do my album but there can be no green light before. Imagine the PRESSURE of me waking me up every day frantically looking at the numbers and statistics hoping I could make MY FIRST BLOODY ALBUM. “

She said she refused to suffer any more in silence, adding: “I have done all they [the record label] asked me I changed genders I worked 7 days a week ask anyone in the music game they know. I’m done being a polite pop star. I want to do my album now, please that’s all I want. “

She also revealed that she will be suspending promotions for Call On Me, which was released in June.

“I’m supposed to be in Call On Me promo mode but I just don’t have the strength to promote this record yet,” she wrote on Twitter.

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“I’m leaving for a while and leave my phone behind. Keep streaming and sharing this song for me. I love you.”

Last year, the singer released a “mini album” Euphoric Sad Songs, consisting of nine tracks, and has five EPs to her credit, dating from 2014.

She was the headliner of her own tour in 2018 and supported Jess Glynne, Halsey and Khalid during their shows.

Earlier this year, she was nominated for Best British Single at the Brit Awards for her 2020 track with Regard, Secrets – but was beaten to the trophy by Harry Styles with Watermelon Sugar.

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