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Record label announces first festival in hometown


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Plans for a brand new festival celebrating independent dance music and arts culture have been unveiled.

Won’t Fade Festival 2022 was organized by the Bristol-based independent label of the same name, which says the event will be a “totally immersive festival experience”.

The Saturday, September 10 event promises to feature a mish-mash of genres presented by a wide range of artists.

The organizers of Shall Not Fade have curated an inclusive lineup that is representative of the label – reflected in the 50:50 ratio of female to male artists.

It will take place on three stages inside a disused Ministry of Defense base a five-minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads. One section, the orchid scene, promises to “lead people out of the concrete jungle and into the captivating botanical garden.”

While celebrating some of the label’s most high-profile signers, the festival will also spotlight some of the up-and-coming talent close to the label.

Artists chosen from the Shall Not Fade roster will explore house, techno and disco music. Their sister label Time Is Now will also be present, focusing on the darker side of dance music, taking festival-goers on a journey through jungle, UK garage and station wagons.

Shall’s label Not Fade was founded in 2015 by Kieran Williams, whose drive and interest in music came from growing up in Bristol.

Located on St Nicholas Street in the town centre, the Shall Not Fade team opened a record store in December which stocks the label’s releases, as well as records from affiliated artists.

The record store also shares its space with a new vegetal pop-up, factory worklaunched by label founder Kieran Williams and gardening partner Bailey Bric.

To buy tickets for the festival, go to:

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