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Record label owner supports parents who lost children in tragic East Legon fire

Founder and CEO of EZ Street Records, CEO Pryme, supported the relatives of East Legon fire victims.

The US-based business magnate and his team traveled to the scene to sympathize with the parents who lost an eight-year-old and a five-year-old to the fire.

The unfortunate incident happened in the early morning of Sunday June 25, in East Legon, around the Galaxy International School.

Addressing the CEO, he said the kind gesture was a sign to help the family and also an act to console them for their loss.

The bereaved family received GH₵10,000 and kind words from CEO Pryme and his team.

EZ Street Records, a music talent management, publishing and distribution company, was created to invest in musical talent ready to excel in their craft.

The label is owned by US-based Ghanaian businessman George Graham, also known as CEO Pryme, and was established in 2021 in America to help young Ghanaian musical talents who want the freedom to be creative.

Mr Pryme said: “EZ Street Records was inspired by his experiences as a musician signed to one of Atlantic Music’s subdivision labels, where he also worked as an intern responsible for managing brand, etc.”

He used to sing and was even signed to a subsidiary of Atlantic Music Records. He’s released EPs, mixtapes, and even had songs with French Montana, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Gucci Mane, and more.

EZ Street is headquartered in the United States and Ghana. The label is preparing to become the world leader in musical entertainment.

EZ Street Records is currently eager to recruit more Ghanaian musical talent who wants to expand their global reach.