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Refuge Worldwide and Zaatari Radio team up to launch a recording studio in Amman – News

Refuge Worldwide and Zaatari Radio announced that they would build a recording studio in Amman, Jordan in May.

The recording studio will hold four weeks of workshops for young people from marginalized communities to learn radio production techniques.

The project is called “Aswat Al Raseef”, which translates to “the sounds of the pavement” and will see the contribution of artists such as Nicolás Jaar, Nour and ODDZ.

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Young people will learn how to produce radio shows that explore the history of migration in Amman, broadcasting their work throughout Jordan and on Refuge Worldwide.

Founder of the Palestinian festival Exist, personalities from the MENA region and representatives of Refuge Worldwide, Radio Zaatari and the Arabic music magazine Ma3azef will also accompany the project with conferences also accessible to the public.

Via a statement posted on Instagram, Zaatari Radio posted, “Over four weeks, we will be working with musicians, artists and industry experts from across the Middle East and North Africa to deliver a program of production and high quality radio broadcast.

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“Each participant will produce a radio show exploring Amman as a city shaped by migration and the coming together of communities from around the world.

“These workshops will take place while creating a studio space that will be made available to utilize and further develop participants’ skills upon completion of the project through continued residency at Refuge Worldwide.”

A London fundraiser for Aswat Al Raseef on Friday raised just under £700 to help support the delivery or workshops and public lectures in May in Amman.

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