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Robert Smith once sent an urgent request to his record company to send him some horror movies

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re all starting to take our horror movie viewing a lot more seriously. But no one, it seems, is more serious about watching horror movies than gothic icon Robert Smith of The treatment.

A twitter user recently posted a fax written in 1992 by The Cure frontman to former Elektra Records A&R executive Howard Thompson (later posted to Thompson’s Instagram account), asking the record label man to send him a bespoke selection of “video nasty” horror movies.

In the post, Smith details how he had planned to go and buy movies himself in New York, but due to unforeseen band commitments, he couldn’t find the time.

Apparently the singer lost a day off when an extra show was added to The Cure’s 1992 US tour, leaving him unable to go in search of the film set, which he wouldn’t have. could acquire in the UK at the time. , due to the UK Parliament passing the Video Recordings Act 1984: i.e. the films were considered too graphic/gory for UK viewers.

Some of Smith’s picks included Clockwork Orange, Driller Killer, I spit on your grave and more, plus any recommendations Thompson might have “in the vein of splatter-cannibal she-devil,” whatever.

Smith’s post read: “Urgent attention Howard Thompson.

Dear Howard,

I hope this fax finds you well! I have a favor to ask of you…I was hoping to have had the day off in New York to do some shopping, but the addition of Dayton, Ohio, and “meeting the winners” on MTV, has paid for it; so I was wondering; would you be able to get the following VHS videos for me? (all unavailable in the UK).

A Clockwork Orange, Driller Killer, I Spit On Your Grave, Last House On The Left, Blood Sucking Freaks, Filthy Rich, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, and maybe a few others you could recommend in the splatter-cannibal she-devil vein!!!

I have a multi-standard player, so ntsc is not a problem… I ask you the question because you are the only person who I think will know where to find them; but if you can’t, that’s okay.

Anyway, I hope to see you at the Nassau Coliseum show…

Thank you for your time,

Robert, (The Cure).”

See the fax below:

Fax from Robert Smith to Elektra

(Image credit: Elektra Records)

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