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Set of historical records for the first release | Local

Rupp said the raid was an important part of the story, noting that it was the country’s first major strike against the enemy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

“He was our living legend,” said the Monroe resident.

Rupp said Veterans Day is more than just a holiday, it’s a day to honor military veterans and he wanted to do something special to celebrate its importance.

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When Mike Landkamer, a former American Legion commander, first listened to the tape, he said it gave him goosebumps. Landkamer said there are a lot of details about the war that cannot be found anywhere else.

“There is a lot of history there,” he said. “People need to understand what’s going on in this world today and how these guys fought for our freedom.”

Landkamer said the raid led to an important victory that helped boost the country’s morale during the war. He added that the recording shows what the veterans went through.

“It’s something people need to hear,” he said.

Rupp said many young people are unaware of Doolittle and his contributions. For this reason, he does not want this part of the story to fall through the cracks of modern society.

The event, said Rupp, will be a good opportunity for people to learn something new and educate themselves.

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