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Soft Cell reunites to record brand new studio album

Soft Cell has confirmed that they are working on their first new album in 20 years. The synth-pop duo of Marc Almond and Dave Ball are busy working on what will be their first full new album since the highly acclaimed 2002 Cruelty without beauty.

The idea of ​​a new Soft Cell album also surprises fans who attended what was supposed to be their last concert at the O2 Arena in London in 2018.

Speaking to The stars of the day Wired column, instrumentalist Dave Ball said: “Before the O2 show, Marc [Almond] and I hadn’t seen myself for about 15 years. In the years between us, we started to appear mature. The new songs are always catchy, but much more mundane. ”

Opening up on what fans can expect from the record, which is set to arrive in 2022, Ball said, “We haven’t tried writing another ‘Tainted Love.’ Maybe we should!

“But it would be inappropriate for two men in their sixties to try to write lively little pop numbers. That doesn’t mean we’ve gotten miserable, and it’s not industrial heavy music either. I would say the songs sound pretty minimal, melodic, and bass focused.

He added: “I’m really happy with the way it’s going, it sounds good.”

The last new material from Soft Cell came with the track “Northern Lights”, which was released in August 2018.

The pioneering electronic duo have released five studio albums, the most recent being their 2002 reunion album Cruelty without beauty.

While waiting for new tracks, fans can get their hands on a copy of Soft Cell’s 40th anniversary. classic debut, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, one of three reissues to be released this year.

Dave Ball added: “Our first three albums are reissued by Universal, starting with Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. Marc suggested that we do a live concert of the whole album, and I would agree.

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