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Sound engineer bolsters mobile recording setup with new Audient iD44 (MKII)

Sound engineer bolsters mobile recording setup with new Audient iD44 (MKII)

UK – Sound engineer and indie producer Tony Faulkner recently added the iD44 (MKII), Audient’s all-new audio interface, to his mobile recording setup. He is one of the first owners of the most powerful interface of the British company since its launch.

With a long experience of orchestral recording, Tony regularly records classical and light music in different venues around the world. Quickly becoming acquainted with his new Audient equipment, it was important that it take as little hassle as possible. “The joy of joys, everything worked the first time right out of the box, he says!

Recording chamber music performed by BBC Philharmonic Orchestra principal clarinet John Bradbury and pianist Ian Buckle, Audient wanted to hear Tony’s first thoughts on working with this second-generation audio interface in the field. “Great. Superior sound quality,” he says. “Being able to add an ASP880 for additional channels is very useful, as is the talkback feature. Having four inputs means we can record Ambisonic sounds.

Tony also appreciates the improvements that set the iD44 (MKII) apart from its predecessor. He particularly highlights the “ultra high quality” and the “low latency” of the iD44 (MKII). “The two headphone jacks with individual volume controls are also handy,” he continues. With both a 6.35mm jack and a mini-jack, three headphones can be plugged into the iD44 (MKII) simultaneously.

Commenting on the size of the unit: “I’m used to lugging heavy rack cases. iD44 (MKII) is very compact for projects where I have to put everything in a carry-on for a flight. It is particularly compact considering everything the iD44 (MKII) can do. There is no compromise on quality.

He is also very happy with the Audient Nero studio monitor controller, which he bought together with the iD44 (MKII). He says the monitor controller has “better sound quality and more flexibility” compared to his previous setup. “It was excellent. Top quality and very useful with multiple headphone outputs and high quality built-in DAC. A good number of classical music producers like to listen on headphones and the Nero makes it easy. It also has better options for talkback, including the ability to plug in an external mic,” he adds.

“I’ve used Audient technology for many years and have a great deal of respect – and gratitude – for their combination of high quality, user-friendliness and a determination to not break the bank,” he says. (He already owns an ASP008 and two ASP880 8-channel mic preamps.) “I’ve made hundreds of albums with Audient preamps!”

July 5, 2022