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SquadCast’s Cloud Recording Studio Boosts Podcaster Quality with


NASHVILLE, Tennessee – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Podcast movementSquadCast, the leading cloud-based recording studio (CRS) platform, today announced version 4.5, which includes noise cancellation, one-click audio mastery, a new API for integrating first category and new workflow features, among other improvements. SquadCast’s SaaS subscription tool can also now connect and register up to 10 people in a recording session, a dramatic increase from the previous maximum of four participants.

SquadCast is already a dominant player in podcast production, growing nearly 600% in revenue and customer acquisition in 2020. With its industry-leading recording capabilities, Cloud Studio can be used to record video clips. video interviews, audio books and podcasts. The company expects its innovative new features to fuel record growth and greater market share after an unprecedented year of online collaboration by remote creative professionals during the pandemic.

According to The state of podcast interviews 2020,’s market share in the CRS category grew by 141% in 2020, making it the fastest growing podcast interviewing platform. Demand for video recording in all podcasts increased 12% in 2020, with 36% of all podcasts using video.

“SquadCast’s mission is well aligned with Dolby’s: obsessively delivering better sound to creators around the world,” said Aaron Liao, vice president of development experiences, Dolby. “Companies like SquadCast are bringing audio magic to life and raising the bar for remote recording – and beyond. We look forward to what they will build next.

SquadCast Cloud Studio provides the following new features for content creators:

  • Ten participants can join a recording session – the greatest number of participants on all CRS platforms.
  • Real-time noise cancellation via integration means better quality than ever. New noise cancellation feature adds dynamic audio leveling and sound clarity with echo reduction in an immersive sound experience.
  • The novelty of SquadCast API allows integrations with popular tools (via Zapier), such as Calendly, Dropbox, Descript or custom solutions to strengthen the content recorded in the podcast and the wider tech ecosystem.
  • Better workflow features for every step of the process understand one-click audio mastering, screen recording, screen sharing, seamless connectivity and improved network resiliency, a Soundcheck “green room”, pronoun options, and recording time analysis.

“SquadCast is designed for podcasting, and it’s my favorite recording platform,” said Chris Luecke, podcast host for Happy Hour of Manufacturing. “With platforms like Zoom, I get poor audio quality, a recording that is difficult to edit, and no peace of mind that I will get my backup. With SquadCast, I get crisp audio, multiple easy-to-edit tracks, and I’m sure I’ll get my audio no matter what. When SquadCast added the video, they took podcasting to a whole new level, making it easy to create a professional split-screen video recording to accompany the podcast.

Dolby is a titan of the science of sight and sound, so we are proud to launch the very first collaboration with its innovative API platform,, ”said SquadCast co-founder and CEO Zachariah Moreno. “We’re also excited to be at the Podcast Movement for the unveiling of Cloud Studio 4.5. We know that avid podcasters and industry professionals will love the ability to have up to 10 people recording together in super high quality and with all of the new features we’ve announced. ”

Standard video conferencing tools deliver low-quality output for podcasts

Well-known meeting platforms like Zoom or Skype were not designed to deliver high fidelity sound or Full HD video for professional content production. Typical video conferencing platforms deal with audio over the internet, so recordings are vulnerable to poor connections, which can lead to issues like audio drift or incomplete audio files. SquadCast v4.5 also offers new video display options if network access is limited.

SquadCast’s patent-pending progressive download prevents audio drift

SquadCast is the leading podcast recording service that offers integration and progressive download. noise cancellation makes everyone on a show sound like they’re in the same room together. Progressive download means that audio and video files are downloaded in the background, in real time, while also being recorded locally (with isolated tracks for each participant). Customers will never lose records due to irregular or interrupted internet connections, as these are always recorded in Cloud Studio.

When a recording is complete, the host can immediately download all audio and video files directly from SquadCast in a variety of formats. SquadCast’s cloud tools enable fast post-production and easy collaboration between virtual production teams.

SquadCast’s cloud studio is used by independent, professional and corporate podcast makers to record remotely on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera and Edge browsers and on the Android mobile platform. SquadCast Cloud Studio version 4.5 includes high quality recordings for all plans, starting at $ 20 / month, with additional features available on premium plans.

About SquadCast

As podcasting, remote working and content creation explode in popularity, so does the demand for quality remote recording capabilities. SquadCast is a SaaS Cloud Recording Studio (CRS) that enables podcasters and creatives to capture high quality audio and video conversations. With SquadCast, there are no audio sync issues, no lost recordings, and no technical hassle for remote guests. SquadCast’s patent-pending cloud technology simplifies post-production and collaboration, making it a must-have tool for podcasters producing multiple shows. Launched in 2017, SquadCast has more than 13,000 customers in 130 countries. These include well-known brands such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe, ESPN, Vox, The New York Times, NPR, iHeartRadio, Kara Swisher, and Shopify. SquadCast is headquartered in Oakland, California. For more information, visit Listen to the company’s podcast on Between 2 microphones.


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